Alexander Bar-Elan


Gazing at the night sky some days ago. I could not help thinking how this very sky looked to our remotest ancestors in the far far past. To them, the sky was not just an inspiration, a source of beauty and mystery. It was also a cradle of terror and fear... ear-splitting noises came from the sky, like iron-clad chariot wheels rolling over cobble stones... fire was hurled from the sky, incinerating huts and trees and fields and killing men and beasts... torrents of water came from the sky and hail and cold, cold snow that blanketed the good earth and froze one's feet. And the cruel tornado, with its feet on the ground and it's head in the clouds, a creature of malice and terror that caused destruction and death wherever it went. And during the day the dazzling Sun-God rode across the havens and none were permitted to gaze at his face. Those who did were struck with blindness. 

Gods dwelled in the sky, jealous, terrible Gods. And to earn the Gods favor, men brought them gifts and sacrifices. 

Presently, we know much more about the sky and a little of the void beyond.  We know about the lightning and the thunder, the rain and the snow and most other "natural" phenomena, so the sky holds no terror for us. But the sense of awe and mystery remains. And the biggest mystery of them all is still as enigmatic as it ever was. Are we alone ??? 

Are we alone in this endless, bottomless vastness ?? Or are we not. Is there life on other worlds, other planets?? 

We speculate, we guess, we assume... but we do not know. 

Vast arrays of sensitive tele-dishes stand in perpetual vigilance on our planet, in the hope  of detecting an intelligent broadcast from someplace else. But so far, there is nothing. Even Carl Sagan's "Contact" is still just a beautiful, romantic story, a dream. Just a dream. But even in this tale of fiction there is a disturbing element. The official insistence on concealment, distortion, falsification.

We do not know. 

Now there is a controversy. An allegedly ancient wrecked spaceship on the far side of the moon. A spaceship not of human origin. Broken, pitted with meteor craters, it lies there in the dust of eons. 

In NASA (Apollo 15) photos it appears as a tiny, slender cigar, it’s length is about the same as of a crater approximately above it.

Now, is it indeed an ancient spaceship or is it not?? We cannot just walk over and take a look at it. NASA can, but we cannot. But from NASA there is no word, nor from any other official body whatsoever. 

And from this silence, legends grow. 

Needless to say that if this is indeed a derelict space vehicle, that would be epochal news, the greatest ever. What better proof of other life on other distant planets can there be than the presence of a strange ship right in our own back yard. 

There is a story about a secret mission to the moon, the Apollo 20, a US and Soviet mission. There is the testimony of one W. Rutledge, allegedly an astronaut on this mission. 

Was there such a mission ?? How credible is the testimony of W. Rutledge ?? And why is there no confirmation from any of the Russian crew that must have been there, too.  

Whatever the truth is, the most difficult part to understand is the official silence. Why this silence?? What is there to hide ??

If all of this is just fantasy, why not say so... or whatever the truth might be, why not disclose it ??

What is there to conceal ?? Why not shed some light on the mystery, the guesswork, the speculations??

The silence is deafening...